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Title: Myself Alcohol😊 ; Name: Yukta Hindurao Rane

Knock knock, myself alcohol!
Oh, are you scared of me?
Please don't be, I am not bad,
It's just sad that people misuse me.

Do you want to know me more?
Oh, come on, atleast you can explore.
You can call me ethanol, it's my pet name.
Ah, now you will recognize my strong points, why I am fame!

I am friends with those organic compounds,
Who doesn't like water, so they like to be friends with me,
That's why I am used in perfumes, cosmetics and markers.
Limited prescribed consumption of me helps you keep away from doctors.😊

But it's very sad to see,
When my fellow beings consume me to forget their pain,
I am not the solution, I try to speak,
But no one listens to me, some sell me for their gain .
I am not the ultimate solution to the problem,
I just make you forget the problem.
Truth , joy , pain, heartbreak will make you stronger,
Get away from me, celebrate every emotions within 

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