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A little bit of me (1 reply)

2 years ago
Anubhav 2 years ago

I am someone you have probably thought about.

That someone changed into known

You first meet unknowingly.

the first man you ever touched his hand as finger intertwined.


I am the first story you ever remember


You want to forget but you didn't.


I am curve of your smile and hot water of tear but

You’ll never realize the warmth that it has.


I am red yellowish sun you always want to see

But your eyes can’t do it

I am sun which protects you from cold without

You knowing.


I am the first rapper of your gift(life) that decorates your gift(life) definitely but never be a part of yours.


I am your good night bed shit you can throw yourself and feel soft.

I come in so many forms it depends on the view you choose.


I am of so many pieces

You’ll never be able to gather.

I am everything and nothing you ever meant.

Susan Katz
2 years ago
Susan Katz 2 years ago

Lovely poem - filled with emotion and energy.  Thank you for submitting your poem to be considered for the Featured Poem of the Week.  Have a beautiful day, Susan

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