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A letter to my conscience

Dear conscience,


I know you’re hesitating, I know it’s hard to let out the truth which is devastating .You don’t want to believe it but yet it’s enduring like a prisoner’s heart brimming with sins. But I know sometimes within it will be your remedy to the bruises of your own soul.


I know sometimes you’re alone you feel like you’ve been tied up because I can sense you remember. I say break that bubble.Look even the moon is alone out there in the dark and yet it outshines with the countless stars, deeper the night the brighter it shines


come on let’s light up the night.


I know you’re depressed, I know it’s hurting, to feel all alone in the shallow road without anyone noticing you that you’re still in there somewhere left alone and I never like to admit that I was wrong, I’ve been so obsessed about myself that I didn’t see what’s going on. But now I know you are better in living on your own.


I know you’re grieved when they say where do you live, how can they stay that far, don’t they miss you , do they … trust me I feel that warmth when you want to say the truth but that truth just betrays you with other gazillion thoughts just protruding your head giving you a brain stroke.


I know you’re afraid it’s like you hear the last grain in the hourglass descending and finally it’s gone. The sound full of obliviousness I hear it too. The voice within you has already drowned inside the frozen lake and the thick ice has formed. But the prophecy is already made that the echoes of your desires will create a whole new world where all my confessions be like busking under the moonlight And the scars of your mistakes will be my constellation.


Love A.U