Art is never still, it moves, with an almost restless intensity, from one moment of inspiration to the next. It takes many forms and each form enriches the other. I am so pleased to offer you art inspired by, and art that inspires, poetry. From music, to dance, to rap, to humor, to visual art, all art forms are related, one to the other; sustaining one another, validating one another and perhaps, most importantly, inspiring one another. I am excited and truly honored to be presenting these guest artists, as they share their talents and artistic forms of expression with us.

The bare tree speaks more of roots than of leaves.

Susan A. Katz

Bare branches speak of truths

unveil the soul of the tree

bereft of the finery of leaves

the trees’ heart

is all that we see.

Time bends us back towards the soil.

Susan A. Katz

Time brings us to our knees

defeats our arrogance

our need to be

we have our moment in the sun

and then decay

into eternity

We hide behind the safety of our window, and feel the pain like a held breath, needing to be released.

Susan A. Katz

Let the feelings find release in the words of a poem.  Let the storm rage on the page.

The devastation of War!

Susan A. Katz

War is not directed at a country, so much as it is directed at the people of that country.  By destroying them, the invaders conquer.  War is not impersonal!

Sadness finds us all…

Susan A. Katz

Feelings into words
Words into poems
Poems shoulder the load
Freeing us from despair.

A dog’s eyes are a portal to their soul.

Susan A. Katz

everything we need to know

can be found in the amber

stare of a dog’s eyes      love

soft yet strong

luxuriously there     like the words

to a favorite song. – sak

New life paints the world beautiful!

Susan A. Katz

Where there was darkness

now there is light

colors like rainbows of hope

banish the longest night.

Beyond the beauty, the bombs…

Susan A. Katz

The bomb falls

the child sees the light

before the darkness

like a spider crawls

across the land

turning day to night.  – sak

March offers us the fragile signs of spring.

Susan A. Katz

The many moods of March collide
and from the frozen ground
the “snowdrop” flowers slide
into the sun.

Embracing Love!

Love is elusive as windblown sands

and yet

sometimes we hold it in the palm

of our hands