Art is never still, it moves, with an almost restless intensity, from one moment of inspiration to the next. It takes many forms and each form enriches the other. I am so pleased to offer you art inspired by, and art that inspires, poetry. From music, to dance, to rap, to humor, to visual art, all art forms are related, one to the other; sustaining one another, validating one another and perhaps, most importantly, inspiring one another. I am excited and truly honored to be presenting these guest artists, as they share their talents and artistic forms of expression with us.

“…The willow weeps into the pond kissed by sun caressed by rain…”

Susan A. Katz

“…and now to think that all those tears

were sadly shed in vain…” – SAK

“The word is spoken by a touch a smile your hand in mine…”

Susan A. Katz

“…and in your touch     love

blossoms like a flower blessed

by the sun    turning the world

divine…” – SAK

The me inside of me cannot be programmed or rebooted…

Susan A. Katz

I live    I breathe    I feel    I care

you transfer who I am to a machine

and everything within me is diminished

tainted and diluted…

“There is in every life in every heart that beats in every mind that wonders at the mystery of living…

Susan A. Katz

…the simple truth    that we

become something grander

something more than simply us

when we stop taking    and begin

giving…” – SAK

“How long can you squint against the glare see beyond the dark hold your breath…”

Susan A. Katz

“…before all is lost in shadow

 and despair     and your held

breath is exhaled in death…”

“All things are captured in the solemn silence of stones…”

Susan A. Katz

“…they are what’s left of everything that ever was

Is yet to be     they are beneath

the vulnerable flesh of earth

the permanence of bones…” – SAK

“As children we can see in every living thing…”

Susan A. Katz

“…their worth – their beauty – their humanity…”

A little thing your hand in mine and yet it makes us strong…

Susan A. Katz

…together is the place where I

know that I belong… – SAK

“I weep alone a shattered stone my tears unseen and no one hears my cries…

Susan A. Katz

…and yet it seems

a light ray streams

between the place


where joy and pain


“Words are waiting to be born torn from the mind the heart the soul…”

Susan A. Katz

“simple as thoughts

promises     the shadow

of a poem     words wait to

inform     inspire    and console…” – SAK