Art is never still, it moves, with an almost restless intensity, from one moment of inspiration to the next. It takes many forms and each form enriches the other. I am so pleased to offer you art inspired by, and art that inspires, poetry. From music, to dance, to rap, to humor, to visual art, all art forms are related, one to the other; sustaining one another, validating one another and perhaps, most importantly, inspiring one another. I am excited and truly honored to be presenting these guest artists, as they share their talents and artistic forms of expression with us.

“We are nourished and made whole…”

Susan A. Katz

“…by the simple act of kindness

that gratitude bestows.”  – sak

“The earth dies…

Susan A. Katz

“before our children’s eyes.” – SAK

“The journey from sadness to joy is a journey that is taken by the heart…”

Susan A. Katz

“…sometimes we simply need

a guiding hand to help us start…” – SaK

“Words simply as words cannot impart…”

Susan A. Katz

“…that which lives beneath

the skin      inside the heart.” – SAK

“The days slip like teardrops down the aging face of time…”

Susan A. Katz

“…hoping to teach us that

not the years    but the moment

is divine…” – Sak

“Beyond the clouds beneath the sun touched by the gentle fingers of the rain I live my truth…”

Susan A. Katz

define myself     my life

my sorrow    joy and pain

upon the welcoming page.” – SAK

“This moment laughter spreads itself in colors on the thin branches of the trees…”

Susan A. Katz

“…every thought of joy

renewal spreading slowly

like the memory of a song before

your grateful eyes…” – SAK

“It is there within the silence of their eyes…”

Susan A. Katz

“…proclaiming that the heart

of every living thing

beats as one…” – Sak

“The words implode inside my head…”

Susan A. Katz

“…a kaleidoscope of colors

feelings    yellow / red

joy / dread…” – Sak 

“There is nothing left here where life once thrived where children grew into the light and hope…

Susan A. Katz

“…like the promise of spring

was wonderfully     vibrantly

alive…” – SAK