Art is never still, it moves, with an almost restless intensity, from one moment of inspiration to the next. It takes many forms and each form enriches the other. I am so pleased to offer you art inspired by, and art that inspires, poetry. From music, to dance, to rap, to humor, to visual art, all art forms are related, one to the other; sustaining one another, validating one another and perhaps, most importantly, inspiring one another. I am excited and truly honored to be presenting these guest artists, as they share their talents and artistic forms of expression with us.

In all the world there is only one you…

Susan A. Katz

and only you

through the spirit

of creating

can show us the view.

They had not lived and yet they died…

Susan A. Katz

Their dreams like

dust upon the wind

they bravely fought

and died       and left

behind    the broken souls

weeping tears

that never dried

Even deep beneath the ocean’s waves we plant the harmful seeds of slow decay…

Susan A. Katz

we may if only we could stop and let our love

for this sweet earth defeat our lust

gain back Her health    deserve Her trust.

Tears stain the ground like blood…

Susan A. Katz

Tears stain the ground like blood

as if we could nourish back to life

the love we’ve lost      to war.

We are a part of everything and everything’s a part of us…

Susan A. Katz

Each life that crawls or swims

or flies     is part of that grand

universe of we      all of us

and each of us dependent

on the future      of the humble

             bumble bee.     – SAK

Sleep takes us into dreams…

Susan A. Katz

…dreams deliver us

into the arms of poetry.

Today is here and then it’s gone

Susan A. Katz

You’re free to fly       we’re left to mourn

There are places we may go to dream…

Susan A. Katz

There are places we may go to dream

where suns set on an ocean scene

or we may travel deep within

the place where dreams and poems begin.

Old books like old dreams, are always worth revisiting.

Susan A. Katz

Between the covers of the book

Old and dusty on the shelf

Words into poems may take you

To that place where you find yourself. – SAK

Roses bloom profusely in the care of summer.

Susan A. Katz

One cannot dream

the beauty of the rose

It is a secret

only the heart knows…