Art is never still, it moves, with an almost restless intensity, from one moment of inspiration to the next. It takes many forms and each form enriches the other. I am so pleased to offer you art inspired by, and art that inspires, poetry. From music, to dance, to rap, to humor, to visual art, all art forms are related, one to the other; sustaining one another, validating one another and perhaps, most importantly, inspiring one another. I am excited and truly honored to be presenting these guest artists, as they share their talents and artistic forms of expression with us.

“If you but look into their eyes and see into their beating hearts…

Susan A. Katz

“…you will recognize the truth

of their humanity…”- Sak

“I write my soul my heart my very breath unto the page believing words…”

Susan A. Katz

…deceive the shadows

evaporate my sorrow

pacify my rage…” – SAK

“There is so much joy in simply being seeing…”

Susan A. Katz

“…myself reflected in your loving eyes…” – SAK

“The world is broken shattered by avarice by lust and greed leaving humanity behind…”

Susan A. Katz

“…to struggle

and to die     denied

the basic needs

of all mankind…” – Sak

“…that which is must be above all else defended…”

Susan A. Katz

“…the right each one of us must have

to be free     as democracy intended…” – SAK

“The lake is still and silent till the pebbles thrown and lands by a kind or careless hand and the ripples start to flow…”

Susan A. Katz

“…like words hurled

at the universe     spreading far

and reaching wide

touching hearts and changing

destinies of those we’ll never know…” – SAK

“Each season tells us something of ourselves teaches us there is a way to survive…”

Susan A. Katz

“…teaches us what it means to be

truly    fully   exuberantly   alive…”- Sak

“I am alive I thrive I strive to be all that I can be…”

Susan A. Katz

“…but I am just a single seed

upon the wind    set free to know

the breathe of life    and then succumb

to all eternity…” -Sak

“Alone we are the stuff of stone we do not weep we do not care…”

Susan A. Katz

“… together we may overcome

together we may dare…” – SAK

“There is delight in seeing in being in feeling in sharing the simple joys Of life…”

Susan A. Katz

“…together    hand in hand

arm in arm   heart to heart

we can overcome    all the sorrow

all the strife…”  – SAK