Sometimes a poem comes at you like a fierce wind and sometimes, it whispers softly in your ear.  But there are those times when we stare, wide-eyed and hopeless at the empty page.  The words seem to have deserted us, ideas are off wandering without us, and we ache to write but the slate stays blank.  I found, in my many years of conducting poetry workshops, that sometimes all that was needed, was a prompt, a place to begin, a door to walk through.  So, I’m going to be offering prompts that I hope, like fall winds attacking a willow, will shake loose for you, ideas, images, poetry!

Poetry Prompts


sunlight peeking through the leaves in summer

dawn damp with dew

sunset sizzling

rainbows rising

ribbons in a child’s hair

shadows settling

sun shining off of fresh fallen snow

moonbeams melting on the surface of the sea


birdsong breaking the silence

the wind whining through the trees

someone’s quietly crying

laughter sweet as lollipops

glass shattering into shards

thunder trumpeting

sighs soft as sorrow

footsteps faltering on the stairs

a whisper of wind


sticky toffee treats

water cold and comforting

tears trickling

saltwater from the sea

birthday cake and candles

lemons tart and tasty

fine wine

bold coffee brewing


sensuous satin

wizened old wood

smooth stones

sand sticky like salt

damp sodden soil

stubbly tree bark

soft skin

the pursed petals of a flower


campfire curling on the wind

sweat glistening on the skin

lilacs lazily in bloom

bold coffee brewing

musty murky old attics

soup on the stove

perfume playing with memory

the healing feel of home


love looming

passion promising

loneliness lingering

fear fidgeting

longing leaving you lost

anger attacking your senses

humility holding you hopeful

hope the only safe harbor