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I see around me
Chaos surrounds me
I see them running away
From time and Past
They try but can't pass 

They will never be in their grasps
My need to sleep forever
It never wavers
Sleep so deep and peaceful
Filled with thoughts of childhood

The memories swarm around
But now I can't be found
The change in me was so great
It reformed my own fate
I still am standing at hell's gate

Their words haunt me
They tease and taunt me
The want to sleep is strong
But the feeling is so wrong
My own thoughts make me frown

I am now mature
But still without cure
Those nightmare occupy me
They fill my mind with horror
Can they hear my silent roar

I cry for help
I feel suffocated in myself
They still don't hear my plead
Can't they understand my dilemma or my need
Am I selfish to wish to be free

Free from my own inner clutches
I don't want worldly riches
I want to cross my own bridges
I want to be somewhere safe
Where the situation isn't this grave

Freedom is what I crave for
I want to be brave and sure
I want to battle own wars
Pave my own way
Where one's opinion doesn't make me sway

I will break my own leash
And gain my inner peace
I will win this race
And will go through the situation I face
This is my own Life, And I will thrive.