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Come Together

What am I doing? 

Where am I now? 

What will it take to bring me back into my senses? 

Why am I sacred? 

Why I'm in trouble? 

What will it take to make me feel by myself? 


Just like stars in the sky

My problems are infinite

What should I do now? 

Oh! What should I do now? 


Come with you, feel the pain

Or get close and share the pain

Will it make us feel both light? 

Will it heal us all the way night? 


Leave it here, burn it up

Or give it one more chance right there

Will it be alright to think? 

Will it be fine to blink? 


 Come together with me

 All the way round

 Come together in my heart

 In my soul now

 Catch your sorrows now

 Hold your fears now

 (we'll get rid of them) 

 Come together oh oh oh! 

Just a believer

Lost in the crowd

But found my way

Back to the land full of happiness


Watching the rainbow

Right here and now

It's been too gloomy

But it feels like heaven anigh!