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All in a perplexed state of mind,

I tried to figure my fault.

Asked mumma to help me, 

She said, “Baby Just halt.”


She hugged me in her arms, 

And her face sparkled with a smile. 

Asked me to cry my heart out, 

And she cried all this while. 


She explained, “You aren't at fault,”

Just your thoughts have become wrong. 

These situations have worsen, 

To make you fearless and strong. 


How can she read my mind? 

I keep on thinking around. 

Has she any magical super power,

That fixes my invisible Crown? 


Sight, hearing, smell, feeling and speech, 

The only known five senses. 

But she has the sixth one too, 

Reading the soul, that in grief drenches. 


And then everything blurs, 

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

Papa comes to wake me up, 

“Baby girl, get up from your sleep,”


Rubbed my eyes as a kiddo, 

And all this while I only tried. 

To hide my feelings of missing mumma, 

But discussing this dream, we both CRIED..!!