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…Eclipse Falls…

Its hard to sleep on this Eclipse night
Felt a shiver run through my soul, under moonlight
Not having one is rare
Playing games of promises ain't fair
Two ideals falling apart felt like a shooting star
Falling is often beautified then why it leaves scars
I have stopped admiring stars and moon
Finding meaning in flipping cards ain't happening soon
He says I am a kid and so other things
And to my heart his words clings
I don't understand scenarios happening
I wish to leave them like a unjudged thought lingering
Because players have made new normal
Bitches all time favorite formal
But why would I care?
Cause all of that scares
I want to hold hands but it holds me back
I want to walk miles but every step I want to step back.
Dark and red i will run out of good blood someday
My heart will become dust one day
The day when eclipse falls..
Let it fall under the spell of hope
To reveal the truth of every lie
To show the ugly secrets in beautiful sky
The last heavenly piece I had
Is now a dust
Which nor you could see or could I…..