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Eden of Yore – By Poorna Padma

Where narrow beams of ray writhed existence,
Orgulous animals bestrewed among
The balmy oceans bordering dense bosky expanses
With sempiternal blithe, it once seemed.

Ferine wolves’ clarion calls in the mid-wood’s twilight,
Eld lions leading its pride into the wilderness-
In search of flesh for their plangent appetite
Or maybe to rejoice the newest beget.

They were a family- the inquisitive little rabbits burrowing for shelter,
The sky-high elephants trumpeting and the zephyr Bovidae grazing the lea,
Ravenous Felidae and Canidae preying on them- it was all natural;
For it was what made their realm.

And then, the oracle’s verses came true-
“Expect life to be sundered when,
The whited sepulcher with his wreathed mind
And illuding thoughts, enters into this abode.”

Mephitic is now his odor, with greed seeping through his skin;
Imbrued man cut them all- the trees, and also, the animals, his Fidus Achates.
Thirst has now become his visage, inhuming the lives of the voiceless
Driving into oblivion, of what once was a prestigious realm.