Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): ETERNAL LOVE

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She was too young to understand, 

the meaning of forever,

but who would have known in between reading those lines,

she'll RISE IN LOVE, someday! 


His charming persona captivated her eyes,

maybe that was love at first sight. 


Those butterflies in the stomach, 

rosary blush on her cheeks,

she knew the moment,

this glitter is certainly a gold,

Not a flickering spree! 


But in real life,

love stories doesn't necessarily have a fairytale ending.

These two idiots never confessed Those 3 magical words to each other.


By God's will, 

If she will meet him, 

She will tell him aloud,

How intact is all his beautiful vibes,

Those wonderful smiles!


She will tell him, 

She have never ever cringed at her choice,

She doesn't found his exact vibe. 


She will tell him, 

She knows LOVE,

only because of him. 


She will tell, she will tell him all, including those 3 magical spells!

Undoubtedly, still her heart beats ONLY AND ONLY FOR HIM. 


-By Astha