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Eternal sunshine of spotless mind

Insipid mornings and reckless nights
Like sky without kites
With you gone , with you lost
I mourn me , i hate me most
Eternal sunshine is fading
My truths and lies are mending
And even sky is losing its blue
We were here together like misty hue
You so close , but so apart
I so fast , but so late

Its better i let us demolish
As you demolished us
From every bit of your memory
Let me too erase you
I know if you can , i can too

Its like I'm forgetting me
And gasping for ours to stay
Playing every card
From honesty to seduction
Trying so hard
Trying so long
Just for little bit
Just for little while

I tried till last ounce
But they never stopped
I wanna blame them
But you and me are at fault
We are one storm caught

But we will meet again
Because our brain is wrecked
But our heart is joined
With the string of love