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Hand of help

-(submission for feature of the week poem) 

They say,
when the world is suffering
we need shielding
But what we also need
is soothing!

What we need the most
is an extended hand of help

The question isn't about
who is mighty- the sword or the pen?
Because the world need every bit
Of support by men and women

What we need the most
Is an extended hand of help

The hands of those
Who can help by protecting,
And the hands of the others
Who can help by supporting

We need the hands
Wearing gloves, soaked in blood
We need the hands
Soaked in paint, painting a potrait

All we need, is what you have to offer
All we need, is an extended hand of help

Because in this battle of suffering
We're all trying to heal
And we're all healers.