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You are not allowed to know me for

Years of dust and stars did not make me

What's inside of me is not essence

Of art- immortal in its form

I have not yet become a butterfly to flee

Yet, lift up the curtain and

See, everything I have

done Is passionately-

Every act limited by the artist's Will to dance,

I have existed and most passionately,

Trapped the words inside my skin

Until I bled- raw from the cracks

I got shaken up, awakened-


But all I dreamt was of infinity

away from the night's gown

She wore ever so seducingly

I have loved souls two hues brighter

Than sun rays on tanned bodies

And I have hated myself- passionately

As the sun rose above hills

Back from the unmoving dead

I was stuck still in time

My sharp innocent leaves shrinking

No hands to grasp on  mountain's side

Whispers gone,l slipped into a fall-

so Lightly that memories no

Longer carried my name

And the last breath I took in 

I took in yet more passionately