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I am a part

I am a part of me,

Not lost and still free.

Roaming the land of man,

Living the life that I didn't plan.


I am a part of a tune,

In a desert full of dunes.

Dragging the notes little higher,

I sing praises like a liar.


I am a part of a road,

One that I could afford. 

Stumbling through the way,

Going at times astray.


I am a part of the world,

Which has shrunk and curled.

I have no choice left,

But how can I go bereft? 


I am a part of an exclamation,

Of anger and frustration.

I continue to go,

Against the wind I blow.


I am a part of a miracle,

Between chains and shackles.

They weight me down,

I get myself together with a frown.


I am a part of despair,

In a world beyond repair.

I don't stop trying my luck,

Hoping a treasure one day I'll struck. 


I am a part of the freedom,

In a monarch's kingdom.

Fragile I may be,

But I work somehow, you see.


I am a part of a part,

Which has been teared yet apart.

I am tiny in your eyes,

But I can still dream of skies.