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Imperfect Unfinished lines

Imperfect Unfinished lines


Dear strangers I never knew,
Yesterday I stared at the outside view
A lifetime of lessening and fading
Whispers from a temporary wind-
no longer caressing me
But the thickened skin

A bolt of lightning struck lower
heartbreak pronounced in its rawest form
And I was stilled breathless-
Seeing a funeral right ahead for the lost

An eerie comfort felt in drowning
As the world dimed down
I was left alone in the wintry cold
Overlooked cracks in unfinished art

Infinity left my hands-
Just a broken tape moving in loops
I was trapped in an abyss of time
The light never leading me home
Now I am here in nowhere
A faceless disfigured drawing
But Perhaps you could look
For me in the dead of night?