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Incomplete Poems -LaxikaSaxena

I write incomplete poems

And what does that mean?


Is it a banal symbolism to how incomplete I am in your absence?

But the world tells me I don't need nobody

I am flawless, valiant with no tarnish

At least that’s what I was raised to be


Is it regarding how I could never tell you how I truly felt?

As I blew the chances when I got them

And pushed you away

But how does this get resolved by walking out on me

Couldn't wait for ten after twenty days


Is it ‘cause you never knew the complete me as I kept my guard too high?

Perturbed, I did not let you in my life

Told you no disconcerted stories of mine

Honey, I was afraid to be questioned

It got none to do with you


Why do I write incomplete poems?

And what does it mean?