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Why can't people understand that I don't want their pity
Or prayers from goddess or a deity
What I want is justice
For the crimes that were written in the book that is now been rusted

I don't want my face plastered on a TV
Or a march or a rally
What people nowadays do is just post a feed on Instagram
Gain some popularity and some pity for us from our trauma

No I just want those monsters to be behind the jail bars
So that they will pay for my scars
But will they always stay in jail
Can you assure me that they will not get a bail
And roam free again while here am i living with the same scarred past
Will I ever get free from my demons and get a rest

I want justice for people whose lives were taken early
Who just left us with sadness and fury
For their life to go in vain
So all i want is those monsters to feel that pain

The pain which they can't ever go through
Will they able to feel the pain which that family felt for the loss for their child who was just fine
The pain she felt when people questioned her morals and looked her with disdain

So all i want is justice
So that those victims lives just do not get wasted

Promise me , just promise me that my words just do not get neglected

Because all I want is their pain to cease
So that they can now rest in peace.