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Killers Of The Open Skies

Everyone stood in complete
Shock as the lead for that case was strange,

But at that moment the lizard was happy and brought out an evil grin as it finally did that!

The inspector felt as if his Khaki uniform was strangling him,

What had happened was the most unusual thing that had happened during his entire career spanning 40 years!!


It had all started before a week when the earth was still peaceful,

With that Brutal Death
It was Seven in a row

They had confirmed upon it being a serial killer, Right at the moment when the count had come to three.

They literally were paralyzed without any strong lead,

The only lead they had got was from the people from a specific victim’s neighbor,

They had told them that they had spotted the killer wearing an orange band in his head,

But that was as useless just as the sleek pale brown lizard that had been hovering aimlessly over Lord Ram’s frame for a long time in the police station,

Motive remained unknown

Further investigation made the fact of him being A food valet clear!

Even When the count had moved to seven, “Was beaten up mercilessly” was the least of what the forensics had said

They had not known what to do with this strange case,
But the inspector was confident that he would complete this case,

In fact, he had a pressure on him to complete the case, as he was edging upon retirement
And he certainly did want to make the most of his final days

Now it was still 10 minutes before they had found THAT lead,
Before they were daunted and haunted by that strange lead,

“Lord Ram is watching everything, and he’ll bring us justice,” He thought and he prayed on the old dusty lord Ram frame as the lizard was now anxiously and excitedly moving over it for something.

Still, the motive remained unknown!
Until That Moment Came!

The constable rushed anxiously and hurriedly into the room and said,

“Sahib… A lead!!”
“7 victims Ordered Beef”

And the lizard darted out its magnificent tongue and ate that helpless and weak fly in lord ram’s witness!