Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): Let go with love

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Let go with love

Everything is fine, sorry was fine.

Yes, I was selfish, selfish for wanting you fully with me

May be I wanted to create a diary of Love, Hope and faith

That wasn’t sudden and obvious , your love just decreased and decreased and vanished… and there wasn’t love but possession and possession.

I was holding on and on and on.. The misery you gave just ate me half with time..

My mind says, Let go, heart opposes it!

Dragging back of what I can never get any more is foolishness

It’s hard, it’s hell at times.. leaving my person- really hard

But the FREEDOM AND PEACE is what I needed and that was only after letting go!

And about happiness yes, it’s on the way.. !


The night, I withstood the whole night supporting and hoping for, but wakeup darling! It’s morning I won’t be there..

Suffering is very privated and painful, face it, it’s time.