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She’s a mermaid of an ocean, eyes mirroring pearls
She’s the Aphrodite ohh god, as she smiles magic swirls
She’s a band of gleaming stars, sweeping all the gloom,
She’s a rose ousting beauty, I watch her as she blooms.

She’s a breeze of monsoon night, whispering in my ears
She’s a river of elixir, douses thirst with her tears.
She’s a never ending joy, I adore her as we meet,
She’s a wine of utmost richness, I enjoy her as a treat.

She’s a belle of the sky, giving complex to the moon
She’s a nightingale of a shore, I dance as she tunes.
She’s a blend of sparkling eyes, with long silky hair,
She’s an art of the God, to be handled with some care.

She’s a realm of spirituality, a glorious blue-eyed saint
She’s a sweet melodious song, as I listen, I get faint.
She’s an eternal beauty, as she smiles she kills many,
She’s a voice of my soul, a tranquilizing epiphany.

She’s like the autumn, as she sheds maple leaves.
She’s the Cinderella, whose shoe I wish to keep.
She’s the most divine, an elegant celestial queen
She’s the one who has, made me cheerful and serene.