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Oh look! How she caresses gently,


The babe nestled in her arms peaceful


Her face shy of age and motherhood; Pouring her warmth and affection, every


Her gentle touch so pure-as if


Time she touches those pink cheeks


Of the babe who sleeps so solemn.


You know? This boy of seven-and-ten,


Is still a babe in your arms…


Yes those pink cheeks, have grown


Coarse black stubble hair;


Yes that boy who came running to your knees,


Surpassed your height a year thence;


“I know”, she said, as I moved,


Deeper and deeper into her skin,


As if to reach a place of peace; the origin


Which was my first home.


Her hand affectionately caressed my hair I felt protected… I put my head upon her lap;


I felt calmer.


As I poured what rested in me, along with


My devotion,


I hugged her tight; not to let her go.


She kissed my forehead, and ever so peacefully,


I slept.