Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): MY AMIGO!!!

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I come to you when I'm in pain

You never let that go in vain….

I remember you when I feel lost

you never let that last so long….

I send a text saying I'm sorry

You send a reply that takes of that story….

I dial your number to deal with myself

You join up and deal directly with myself….

I say to you that I hate myself 

You make me love me by all yourself

I say to you that you are the best 

You gave to me all your best….

I say I owe you for all your love

You say you love me for all your life….

You brought up the best inside of me 

By being the best in front of me….

You make me feel so so great 

That vanishes off all my pain….

And that's how I realized that you are my AMIGO!!!