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My Magic Wand

We all feel magic,
It spins through our souls.
And rushes into our minds,
It lifts the corner of our lips,
Into a smile.
It rushes in waves,
And makes tears flow from our eyes,
It boils our blood,
And makes our brows frown.
It hounds us day and night.
Sometimes we float,
Sometimes we sink,
Yes, i felt magic too, 
I felt it strong. 
But i found a wand, 
I found a pen. 
I found spells. 
I found a page. 
I found a remedy, 
For our souls. 
To share our happiness, 
To burrow our pain. 
We Will find a wand. 
We will find a spell. 
We will find a pen. 
We will find a page. 
We will write. 
And when our sorrows, 
Sear through, 
Pens that we hold, 
We will bleed ink, 
Onto paper, 
We will bleed away our souls. 
Our ink will bleed in torrents
And poetry,
Poetry will be bandages to these Wounds.