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Nature and me..

Thinking that nature

Is so different

so am i?

I feel same at times

We both are not living for itself

nature… nor i.

Nothing in nature lives for itself

River’s don’t drink its own water

Trees don’t eat its own fruit

The sun Doesn’t shine for itself

A flowers fragrance is not for itself

I too lived for others

Serving with love

Memory i gave them

How they took it

Thats the way i will get it

My karma played a role

And my survival was in mode

My affection was always loud

Like i am always there Anytime

I didnt expect too much

But little would be loved by me

I never asked for anything

Gratitude is what comes first

As every second I breathe

But forgiveness was eligible for me

Am i worth for living with nature

Because Living for eachother

is a rule of nature.

— bayjool