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Pitch Black

Pitch Black

Widened my eyes into the black

On the cold floor, lay me perplexed

Endless darkness aloft

Icy fire through my spine.


I shut it, the curtains of light

Slowly inhaled and eased my skin

Opened again and I saw it,

The big black box, where I lie.


Pushed my hands, on the cold floor

Rose above, my chilling spine

Couldn't believe the magnanimity I saw 

An elegant engraved black metal door.


My feet got colder with each step I took

My hands weighing me down like a thousand gravity

My heart couldn't bear the thirst anymore

To turn that golden knob and into the wilderness

Or grotesque, who knows.


Another black box, a loftier one

I turned around, the door slammed back

Shuddered, I saw it another metal door

A sinister one, a mile ahead

I picked my pace but no longer did it move

Still as air, I stood and watched

Everything, just a trance.


If only I resisted my frivolous urge, just so

My legs'd have the freedom it deserved

But now I stand in this Pitch Black

Nowhere to go, seamlessly lost.





I'd be delighted if you would comment on this poem. I wrote it a day ago and wanted to know your opinion about it.


Thanking you,