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Poem- I know what I'm doing.

The Genesis of my woeful yelp
rendering at the vale of
your pyre !
You entered in me,
as a subtle soul.
The tumbles of my transience,
ended there,
and I am, the immortal verve !
The ravages of this world,
immolating in the shrines
of our endless feelings.
The verses of our days
dripping through the embers of our nights.
The desirous sparks,
ending in the blazed valance..
And we are cursing the collusion
of the time.
The hastening storms,
these unforseen dejects,
and these encroached moments
are wiping out by the heartless time !
The culpability
of my feebled self,
enacting as an affable drift
I know,
The gaze of your urge
protecting the elation of my cells !