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So, this is the poem I am submitting for FEATURED POEM of THE WEEK. It is always a pleasure. Thank you.

Once it happened that, patience fell in love with poetry.

Poetry was beautiful, but she was equally chaotic.

Patience was boring but also stable.

Patience liked the way poetry brought colors to his life.

Poetry liked the way patience held on to her.

Poetry was fickle and patience was an anchor.

When others would have given up when they saw the dark side of poetry, patience did not.

Patience held on,always waiting for poetry to again be beautiful in her own way and time.

Maybe poetry was bipolar and patience was codependent.

Whatever it was, they were made for each other.

Poetry wanted to be held on to and patience couldn't let go.

They fit into each others lives perfectly, like two long lost pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Poetry was in love with love, patience gave her the love of her dreams.

It was a sweet, life long affair when poetry fell for patience.