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Precious Time


The past for the future, tis’ present of ours,

Time, tis’ strong fleeting- for us to count;

Few minutes, which art left to reach the end;

O don’t fail mine words, tis’ not end to life;

Ah! Am welcome to expound, the vastness of being.

But if ye art finding, everlasting true presence,

The frame shall forbid ye wish to last;

Oh! A way-out is there, to work out in present,

Tis’ ye deeds to perform, with fineness in the passing space;

With determination to dream the daylight of destiny,

Falling on ye; sprinkling success to paint,

Desires, with blissful mind & peaceful soul.

Holy Bible, tis’ suggesting, “Never waste precious time”,

For failure seems weary, when dreaming- A crime.