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Silent Night

This is my submission towards the featured poems section. Looking forward to tips and comments for betterment. Hope all who read this gets a piece of me through my pen. Everyone who enjoyed this poem can read more of mine at http://www.myverseworld.poetry.blog 😊😊

The poem:


Tied up in unseen chains,

Under this waning moon,

With the deserted, dry winds,

Where did my tears drift?


My lips – dry, chapped, bleeding

But a heart is injured, deep.

Where to carry this burden to?

Screams, tears, blood….


I am the music, I am the howl,

That pierced through silent nights.

I am the wine, I am the blood,

Of the grails that turned graves.


Again, I pull on these chains.

No! I can’t be free again!

My hands did bleed to quench my thirst.

It falls into the parched throat of earth.


Silence, silence….

That drinks my life.

The dark moonless nights,

That rest in my blue eyes.


I am dying alive, in this chain.

Is there a saviour nearby?

Only my muted screams,

On the walls of this silent night.


A raven, voiceless now.

I see him on the scaffold.

Tranquil, like the fading life.

Would you hear this silence?


The nights continue,

Without a pause, the absence of words.

And at last, a ray did shine.

When the embers died……

Somewhere deep in my soul……