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Simple, I write

It's been an arithmetic cultivation though

For a renowned seedling

Similarity fades the moment, the tip flares

Was it a delicacy that my muscles prompted to etch? 

Every drop of nectar that is sweeter ever-more than I read

How toxic rather a palanquin deprives

Maa! You denied to query her baby , she's born

As maa, thou awakes all tiny heavy for her visit

Just pricked up the enlarged cell of poetry to master them

They stick a firm reason for the nip to go beyond a rampage

And catch and catch – a falcon to be inside you

Seems like evil owes to pay the way

If not being sure, else make it true

By making you the judge to the heart of judiciary


I write, Yes not a good one instead a version of myself

To salute every other authors trying to pedal and bloom!!!