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-Srijit Raha

The night was cool with elfin breeze
Smooching one’s soul to eternal freeze
I strolled through the haze of moonlit lane
Where oaks bury dead in melodious trail.
Amidst the gloom I whistled my way
But found the woods so strangely still
That seemed like shadows just ceased their play
As if they sensed rival within.
Half a mile I walked almost
When I noticed a figure in the murk.
A girl in teens with crimson smile
Wavering her hair clinging to the waist.
I quickened my pace to gain her soon
To drench my soul by her voice.
But found her fused with fogs of Hurst
Together with cluster of glow-worm orbs.
My sense stuck aroma of tuberose, elm
And wits got charmed with bussing breeze.
I found myself in weary dream
My hat rolled afar in blustery scream.
When the eyes caught glimpse in dazzling light
I found me lying in fronds of clove.
A chit lay cramped in palm of mine,
Scrawled in it “Spirits Do Love”.