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Submitting poem for the "Featured poem of the week section"

Prompt: I am part of…

I am part of an unknown crowd
Like there's silence in all the noise
My mind is full of doubts
I feel like I'hv lost my voice

Yesterday I knew it all
My dreams stood tall and high
Today its like a free fall
They are shooting down the sky

I was never afraid of the dark
But now I cannot see
All the doors are locked
And I'm unable to find the key

I know someone can hear me
When I'm screaming in my mind
I know He can see
All these answers I wanna find

They say He is the light
That always shows a way
I believe He will help me fight
I believe He will save me today

This poem is about the faith that gives us the strength to walk through difficult times. The hope that keeps us telling that at the end of the day It'll be alright because the almighty is there to help us find our way out of the dark