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Sword and shield

He growled and disappeared –

“You are not the only one who is in pain..

You are the one with experiences but a stollen brain…” 


I wrote –

“Yes, I am not the only one who is in pain..

Omg!! Thank god, that life is more pathetic than mine – a way towards inspiration gain

Even after my creator's funeral,

Even after my special bond's forever farewell,

Even after the forcefull replacement of my creator,

Even after sacrificing more and more…

Now, the 'inspiration gain' way is locked,

With the 'life – death fight' of a girl's first hero is being poked.”


I wrote because –

there's no ear to hear,

there's no hands to wipe out tears

But there's my pen and paper

Pen being the sword, cutting down the track of pain

Paper being the shield, distracting by shielding pain.