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The Blessing

It's happening tonight,

A tale of untold myserty of light,

Behold, a crack in the sky so far,

Oh !! It's a star, A shining Star,

And it then multiplies… 

In the thousand million silver twinkling eyes..

A soapsudded moon with the corally ocean,

Of quiet delivery ozes and rhapsody sun,

With the symphony of rays with the fluted notes,

In white gown, a comet with hopeful eyes towards the land floats..

On the throne of gold with flower of rose, Angels on the earth welcomes comet with the hand close,

People all around with the band of drum, Dancing and singing and enjoying comet's welcome..

With the beautiful smile comet occupied on throne,

Hearing everyone's chaos like all the ones are it's known,

A couple with the teary eyes raised the voice, Of having the gift of blessing of their choice, Demanding the greatest of all from the comet,

Its of girl child… making the urge of blessing to get,

Hearing this prayer comet blessed them with that,

Showers the words on the girl of her all wishes to fulfill yet,

Having blessed with the beautiful gift of love, The couple find happiness in the child all up above..

Suddenly a voice heard up

Oh!! you're going to be late 

wake up wake up, 

A noise from beside my bed raised up..

I open my eyes with the 

smiling face of shy

Oh!! It was the dream which 

give my day a beautiful hey..

Seeing me happy make my sisters spy,

Asking me a question of 

beautiful dream of mine..

It was you I grasp with hopeful eyes..

A beautiful gift and biggest 

blessing of my life..

I whispered to her about being her special,

As she was my prayer of 

a gifted sister with hair's curl,

Though it was the dream but far away..

It is true that my sister 

is really a blessing All the way….