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"The Blue"


“I am part of a divine plan”

Said my folks,

But I wanted to dive out,

Out of the plan and into the Blue

And so I did,

I dived into the magnificent Blue,

It felt cool,

I held by breath and opened my eyes

I saw it,

Endless water everywhere .

I pushed my hands

My leg, my feet,

No one around 

Just me and the Blue water.


Then it struck me 

The icy truth

Many dived, into the deceitful Blue

No one came out, not one soul.


I looked down 

Saw nothing, nothing

But dark, cold and bitter

No longer, could I hold my breath

My heart raced, at three hundred

Blue weighed me down 

As I tried pulling out.


I heard voices,

Somewhere distant:

“Run dear, while you can

Never seize, to turn around

The Blue'll seduce you

And that's how you'll lose you.”


I pushed my hands, 

Couldn't move an inch

Intoxicated, by the Blue

My heart raced no more

My lung wanted to give out

Pulled into the gravity

Down I went.


I saw a glimpse, over my head

A ray of sunshine,

A hand of hope.

I reached out

And felt warmth

I felt at peace

No longer intoxicated

And out of the Blue.

Blue never got it, my soul or my heart

I am part of a divine plan

It was bliss indeed, at last. 




– Diya Tesla Thomas