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The Conflict

I wish,

I was all alone

In the midst of darkness

As I walked, as I ran,

Escaping from my black soul


My thoughts are all gaping wound,

In my unholy mind

Being a slave of my Nafs’ (self)

Acts like salt on my bruise.


Every time I think of him,

My heart is but split in two

One is Satan, and one Angel,

Whom to follow and whom not

Nafs (self) makes me all confused


I wish I was high in the sky

With the clouds floating high

With no ‘Nafs’ tempting me

As I swam with no worries


As my brain was struck with these thoughts,

Lightning bolted in the sky.

And my heart which was torn,

Became one once again

I saw his presence in my soul

Which turned holy once again

Then my eyes became an ocean,

And I felt blessed again.

With each drop of tear running down through my eyes,

I perceived my Almighty forgave me once again.