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'The Curve' by Arjit Bansal

A simple curve
Upwards like the Sun, my Sun, brightening up the heavens and everything in its wake
Downwards like the clouds, rain clouds, claiming the sky in scattered patches of grey

An artist's love
Skybound like a mountain, the tallest mountain, inviting all the hikers to try and stake claim
All around like a river, the purest river, not sure if to swim or stand guard so it always stays the same

A rainy night
Impactful like a blessing, the nature's blessing, can't help but stare with mouth agape
Scornful like a storm, the darkest storm, bound to devastate all witnesses of its distorted shape

A lost fight
Inevitable like love, falling in love, I tried to resist but I wasn't strong enough perhaps
Soft as pair of lips, her lips, I've never been one for nature but she makes me an enthusiast