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Title: My dear half! Name: Yukta Hindurao Rane

A gust of wind when strikes my lock of hair,
They don't listen to me to stay quiet.
For they don't belong to me anymore,
Thus need your fingers to place them right.
A bunch of memories when flood my heart,
It forgets breathing, the moment you flash.
But I would prefer not to breathe,
For without you, everything seems just ash.
My piece of mantilla when stuck in bush,
I still feel it's you!
Holding it and pulling me behind,
When I turn back, I realize it's just my mind.
A fragrance of perfume, when enter my nostrils,
Even a pleasant odor doesn't fascinate.
For my nose is now acquainted to your masculine, husky smell,
Inhaling which, my lungs saturate.
My every single inch occupies you,
My every single thought thinks of you,
My every single heartbeat beats for you,
My every single moment of life is tied with you.
What else proof do I need?
I am completely lost in you.
But I don't want to find myself now,
Because I am incomplete without you.