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She is innocent like a mole

Her heart full of love,

She is in full of pain,

Recognized her glory a lot,

When she reached her dignity,

Then she becomes Durga-Kali-Bhavani

Keeping nine months in the womb that irrigates you,

The woman who gives birth to you

Today, why so many questions on his character?

When the son becomes a lamp,

Why the stigma of a house when a daughter is born?

If she born?

Why the wings were cut off,

Why is her not taught next?

Why her armorates are crushed,

Why no one asks questions to them then

Why did not stop him from doing so,

And if a woman goes through periods, it is called a sin…

When they need you the most,

If you do not support them, then how will you become their good husband or father,

By doing this, what will increase the pride and glory of your house,

They are rays

Signifies a new beginning,

In front of which fear is also fear,

She is fearless warrior,

Goddess of valor,

She is someone's daughter-in-law, daughter, sister-in-law or half-sister,

 she someone's sister or friend,

You give the status of goddesses to those women in Kanchak,

You worship that goddess so much, you believe so much,

So break all the beds,

Break all the rules, laws

Return her smile,

Let her smile come on her lips,

Let she complete her prayers,

Let her fly, spread her arms out in open air,

Return her innocent smile

Return her innocent smile ,,,,,

– Avijeet