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You Can Never Be The Mistake

Loving you was never a mistake
but loving the traitor in you was my mistake.
Not knowing you wasn't my fault
But not knowing the traitor in you was my fault.
Being alone and searching for
the real mate and the real love isn't wrong,
but being with you and believing
in your fake love can never be right .

You're the lyrics which I'm supposed to learn
but should never sing loud .
You're the novel which I should understand
but should never like the contents.
You are the person
who always set in my heart ,
but your dishonesty paved the way
to the darkest boundaries of my heart !

Oh love,
You would never know about the aching soul of mine
which longs for your love and honesty
but shattered into pieces long ago
for your unique and sensual betrail.
But still in the hope of getting you one day
in the way it had wished for !

~by Ashmita Dunguri