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Yours truly, Miss Stubborn

I'm on a continuous battle with my inner kid,

“Haven't I already told you a dozen times to not be an addict”. 

But the arguments she throws, makes me stand still – surprised. 

” I was all what he wished for and he walked away, was he drugged or maybe hypnotized “.


“None of these my dear, he left in clear sense”,

But the kid is clueless, she still stands in his defence.

“What about the promises he made and the dreams you both shared”?

“Aren't the moments still alive – how is all of this so easily impaired “?


Oh dear!

“It was a mistake which haunts, left me wounded”,

“I was drenched in blood, fragile, emotions flooded”.

“I know you kid, you still believe he would return”,

“But I won't turn a bit, afterall he used to call me stubborn ” !!