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<p>Well done!  And thank you for submitting your "kitchen chaos" poem for consideration for "Featured Poem of the Week."  I very much enjoyed reading it, and have been there myself – kitchen disasters just seem to be part of the creative cooking process!  Have a beautiful day and thank you for being a part of this new and exciting venture for me, www.poetladykatz.com</p>


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A Day In Kitchen!

<p>One day, it struck to my mind, I<br />should spend some time in my kitchen-<br />And, at once, rushed there seeking permission; <br />From mom to cook a scrumptious snack.</p>
<p><br />It seemed like a laboratory where<br />Cooking was an art of experiment; I<br />thought I'd prepare little stuff yummy;<br />In order to fill my tempting tummy!</p>
<p><br />So, the aim was to cook dish delicious<br />Vessels, spoons and tongs were needed apparatus;<br />Handful of spices and mixtures added to-<br />Materials required for finalizing foodstuff.</p>
<p><br />And I started my procedure, which<br />Turned out to be messy at initial time;<br />Sugar and salt seemed same to me, <br />Ready to roast, but I ran out of lime.</p>
<p>On the stove, the food was in process-<br />I started looking the surrounding space;<br />Showing no interest, I started eating lays<br />Until I received mom’s sudden slaps sprays!</p>
<p><br />The resultant cuisine was totally new-<br />Invented by a famous wonderchef, me! <br />Don't laugh, I have now grown mad, Also<br />surprised how our mothers cope up, agree?</p>