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<p>Another beautiful poem.  One suggestion – either “streams sway or stream sways” would be grammatically correct.  I love the progression of the poem and your ending – lovely, lyrical, and beautifully written.  I keep looking at your painting on our wall and saying to my husband, “You can’t believe how multi-talented this lady is.”  Truly, I am so impressed with your ability to “speak” through your paintings and your poetry.  You are a very gifted lady and I am so happy to have gotten to know you.</p>
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<p>Bubbles burst<br />float by pop away<br />stream sway<br />a whispered nerve<br />fluttering cadence<br />measured in butterfly wings<br />shut open eye blink<br />dancing water shimmering<br />sunlight wink<br />flowers nod petal twirls<br />bird song breeze whorls<br />criss cross current curls<br />dizzy sky<br />blurbing aqueous clouds<br />wide and high</p>
<p><br />Stage set<br />distant rumble<br />a moment<br />drenched in<br />silent expectant<br />still breath<br />rainbow bent<br />for</p>
<p>that descent</p>
<p>that release</p>
<p>that blessing </p>
<p>that rain</p>