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<p>Thank you for submitting this very thoughtful and thought provoking poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Month.  I particularly liked the way your ending "faded" away like "withering flowers."  – Susan</p>


Original Post by Neha payal


<p>My desire to belong brings me out of my bubble.<br />I can't stop believing that there is something greater than 'ME'.<br />My curiosity is almost convinced that every universe contained in all the 'ME' in this world have the same raw , something so … basic and foundational that connects all of them.<br />But then belonging isn't easy thing .<br />Belonging ,that can reject you,<br />Can leave you the halfway,<br />Can thrash you for your efforts,<br />After going every here and there,<br />towards all known and unknown stuff,<br />After every acceptance and abundance ,<br />I strongly claim my belonging to the existing epitome of beauty of this cosmos and at the same time to the nothingness , creation and destruction ,constant and change and another lot of things which makes me a mortal yet permanent example of beautiful existence from nothing to something and then nothing like sandcastles ,ice sculptures , sunsets ,stardust and withering flowers .<br /><br /></p>