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<p>Your poem is so emotionally charged and there are some very lovely, meaningful, and intensely felt lines that will, I know, resonate with anyone who reads your poem.  I particularly liked "Did you change or did your heart?"  And also, the very simple but important line "And you didn't even water the plants" because I took "plants" to be a metaphor for your relationship, for you.  Well done, Susan</p>


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Coming back by Anupreet Kaur

<p>After having you again </p>
<p>I still do not have you </p>
<p>Even after being cuddled </p>
<p>By you every night </p>
<p>I still can't sleep </p>
<p>The flowers you brought me </p>
<p>The day you came back </p>
<p>Are almost dead</p>
<p>Did you change or did your heart ?</p>
<p>Coz our beats don't rhyme anymore </p>
<p>And you didn't even water plants </p>
<p>Even when it's your turn</p>
<p>Do you want them to die just like me ?</p>
<p>They aren't selfish to come back again </p>
<p>But I'll be dumb to first mourn and  then let in.</p>
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