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<p>Once again, I very much enjoyed reading your poem.  There is passion and purpose in your lines and many of them give us a "visual" view of the pictures you are trying to paint with words. I would suggest that you think of words in a poem as very precious and only use those that are absolutely necessary to the rhythmic and intellectual journey you want to take the reader on.  In poetry, less is more!  I do appreciate you sharing your work with me, Susan</p>


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Death of Piety

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<p>I am All broken from inside,<br />With the ring of pain constricting,<br />Finding no place to seek and hide,<br />From all of the shortcomings.</p>
<p>The world has become a pit of fire,<br />With its evil smoke polluting my soul.<br />With the heat of its lies burning my heart.<br />With its impure beauty dazzling my eyes.<br />With its changing colors deceiving my mind.<br />All of its roads have been fogged with the smoke,<br />Blurring up my vision,<br />Locking me up, with no place to seek and hide.</p>
<p>With demonic acts flourishing in open and in close,<br />Murdering righteousness in every soul.<br />Now it is upon us to decide,<br />Whether the Phoenix will rise from its ashes,<br />Or will it be blown off by the smoke.</p>
<p style="text-align: left;">Even though the demon’s rise,<br />There is something in me that tells,<br />Have Faith, Have Faith, <br />The best of the planners is on our side. <br />:-Mohammad Owais (Student)<br />St. Francis’ College.</p>