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<p>Thank you for submitting your poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Month for July.  What an interesting and thought-provoking word "sour" as it pertains to how you feel.  It is really quite unique and conjures up all sorts of images for the word "sour."  Good poetry should certainly make us think and question and wonder and a good poem should also touch us in a personal way.  Perhaps, many who read your poem will relate to having had that "sour" feeling experience.  I thank you very much for sharing your poem with me, Susan</p>


Original Post by Mansi

Dream catcher

<p>Oh, I feel sour</p>
<p>I felt sour , until we crashed</p>
<p>I never was urged to be stable</p>
<p>I dreamt, I dreamt of a dream which has to end as real ?</p>
<p>A phase came ! It said me to feel sour , not alone</p>
<p>Alone, I was alone, love passed by!</p>
<p>A day, my day , met my dream</p>
<p>The dazzling eyes, charming smile, honest look!</p>
<p>A fortnight, made me sort you out !</p>
<p>In the immediate past,</p>
<p>A dream catcher who feels me with me</p>
<p>A dream catcher who has come in my dreams to dream with me</p>
<p>A dream catcher who is reason for my realistic dream</p>
<p>I know, now I know ! You are the dream catcher for life !</p>
<p>I no more need to be sour</p>
<p>Wish, I wish this is real ; dream  isn’t </p>