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<p>Thank you so much for sharing your poem and submitting it for consideration as Featured Poem of the month, for June.  I particularly liked your ending "the ugly secrets in beautiful sky…"  – Susan</p>


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…Eclipse Falls…

<p style="padding-left: 40px;"><br />Its hard to sleep on this Eclipse night <br />Felt a shiver run through my soul, under moonlight <br />Not having one is rare<br />Playing games of promises ain't fair<br />Two ideals falling apart felt like a shooting star <br />Falling is often beautified then why it leaves scars <br />I have stopped admiring stars and moon <br />Finding meaning in flipping cards ain't happening soon <br />He says I am a kid and so other things<br />And to my heart his words clings <br />I don't understand scenarios happening <br />I wish to leave them like a unjudged thought lingering <br />Because players have made new normal <br />Bitches all time favorite formal <br />But why would I care?<br />Cause all of that scares<br />I want to hold hands but it holds me back <br />I want to walk miles but every step I want to step back.<br />Dark and red i will run out of good blood someday <br />My heart will become dust one day<br />The day when eclipse falls..<br />Let it fall under the spell of hope <br />To reveal the truth of every lie<br />To show the ugly secrets in beautiful sky<br />The last heavenly piece I had <br />Is now a dust <br />Which nor you could see or could I…..</p>