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<p>Thank you so much for submitting this very emotional and visual poem.  I have very much enjoyed reading it and will carefully select the featured poem for next week – yours will certainly be in the mix!  Thank you for following my website and for being a part of the passion of poetry, Susan</p>


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Entry for the featured poem

<p>Hi Susan ,</p>
<p>I saw your post on ig for the featured poem . I really loved the concept and moved over to your website. I read the last featured poem and it was so heartfelt 💜</p>
<p>I would like to submit a poem too. </p>
<p>I have titled this as "Dust and stars"</p>
<p>I lay buried in dust.</p>
<p>among specks of pollen on earth,</p>
<p>and I'd be happy if I could find,</p>
<p>a few to stand by my side.</p>
<p>But God said to me ,</p>
<p> "Oh dear !</p>
<p>A place as such in here ?"</p>
<p>He smiled while I'd weep and scream ,</p>
<p>He threw me up,</p>
<p> in the unknown realms !</p>
<p>Trapped in violent storms ,</p>
<p>I waited for my fall .</p>
<p>And a dozen chances I took ,</p>
<p>To poise myself as I looked ,</p>
<p>Everyone around </p>
<p>had their places found.</p>
<p>"Why , Oh Lord why? , I'd ask,</p>
<p>Don't you hear my cries ?"</p>
<p>And as soon as I sighed,</p>
<p>And gave up all my might,</p>
<p>The night had grown the darkest,</p>
<p>and the storms around had died.</p>
<p>A hand gently came ,</p>
<p>and nudged me to take the last step.</p>
<p>And when I turned around , I saw,</p>
<p>What I deemed to be a fall ,</p>
<p>was in fact an ascent tall !</p>
<p>And while I thought I fell ,</p>
<p>I rose above the hell.</p>
<p>"Dust and dirt and land ,</p>
<p>said the Lord,</p>
<p>"aren't your place to be !</p>
<p>You my child shall stand,</p>
<p>among these shining stars you see."</p>
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